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 Goa is a wonderful place, which is famous for traveling all over the world. Here in Goa, more people come from outside countries than the number of people who come from all over India.

There are many taxi services available in Goa, and earlier there was no taxi service available that worked online. In the last two years, online taxi services are also being given a chance to work here.

But in this too mostly only the taxi services of Goa are alluded to. Here 40, 50 taxis will always be found standing outside every big hotel. But outside the small hotels, you will not find even a single taxi, if they had to go somewhere at night, they would have had a lot of trouble. Keeping this in mind, the Goa government has decided to start an online taxi service.

A problem started coming in this also, whoever collects rent online, they all want to get long rent. But if they have to travel on a lower fare, they cancel the trip.

Keeping this in mind we have started our taxi service in Goa. Though our fares are a bit high for short distance but we guarantee that we are able to provide cab service everywhere in Goa.

In this too, the fare is higher on holidays, because the local people who provide taxi services outside the local hotels increase their fare, and this is also justified, because when the hoteliers are busy during New Year and Christmas time. If you increase the price of your hotel three to four times, then the taxi drivers also do not find any problem in increasing their price, and this is their only time to earn.

However, the Goa government has decided to charge fares as per the chart given by them, and hence they try to exert pressure on the taxi drivers from time to time. But according to us this is wrong because when hoteliers can charge their room rent or villa rent according to their own, then why can't taxi drivers charge according to their own.

When the hoteliers increase the fare by 4 to 5 times according to their own, then should the taxi drivers keep their fare the same? Do Goa taxi drivers not pay road tax or at the time of purchase of the vehicle? If everyone in India has the right to decide the price of their goods then why efforts are being made to pressurize the taxi drivers.

Those who pay ₹5000 to ₹10000 for 1 day, what happened to those people, is there any problem in paying the fare of 1000 2000 to the taxi in Goa? No no?

Anyway, Goa is divided into parts, one is North Goa and the other is South Goa. Both the places have their own specialty, if we talk about South Goa then the rent there is very high and the rooms etc. are mostly made of wood and coconut leaves. Some hotels cost 1 day The key is 20000 and food items are also sold very expensive there. South Goa is famous for its peace and comfort where there is no crowd and everyone comes here to relax. This place is the most favorite place for foreigners. Because they do not enjoy living in houses made of cement as much as they enjoy living in their houses made of wood and coconut leaves. He is ready to shell out any amount of money for her.

Some foreigners have even come here to rent a place and stay for years. It is also a favorite destination for foreign old people as they can enjoy a good and luxurious lifestyle in Goa on the same pension they get in America or London.

If we talk about North Goa, there are many clubs, pubs, discos, casinos for Indian people. Even for going there, the taxi fare in Goa is fixed. Rent of everything in North Goa is also a bit less and most of the hotel rooms are made of cement which is the first choice of Indian people. It is also a favorite place for those who want to have fun. Calangute Baga Candolim and other beaches in Goa are among the most famous beaches in the whole of Goa.

If you come to Goa to enjoy with your friends then you will love North Goa only. And when you come to relax, you will love South Goa.

Calangute Baga Beach is crowded till 12:00 in the night, and there you will also enjoy dinner by setting a table by the sea, for such a plan, we also have a 4 hour taxi package. Just the rate of food will be higher there. But money is less valuable than life.

Well, North Goa is only nearby from Goa airport, and now another airport is open in North Goa, from where both Maharashtra and North Goa are also nearby. The fare from the airport to Calangute Baga Candolim is almost the same.

And different types of side-scenes packages are also available in North Goa. In that we provide car rental with personal driver for your family or friends. It will also give you privacy which you do not get in sharing cabs.

In Goa, cashew and cashew liquor, which is called cashew feni, is also found, cashew feni is also considered good for health, which cures diseases like cold in a pinch. You just need to know how to use it.

More than half of the taxis in Goa have an emergency button. If you have any panic, or quarrel with someone, you can directly call the police there by pressing that button.